Hey there, fellow photography enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you all.

Let me first tell you about my first photography tour in Vietnam with Etienne. It was absolutely fantastic! Etienne whom? Sorry, I forgot to introduce Etienne Bossot from PicsofAsia based in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Last September, we had the first opportunity to collaborate leading together a 3 weeks workshop for French speaking people for regular customers and friends with Mon Voyage Photo. It felt like we were long-lost brothers. We instantly clicked, and our shared approach to photography and respect for our subjects made it even more special.

Etienne (our host), being an expert in running photography tours in Vietnam, brought a unique perspective to the table. His knowledge of the local language and his passion for ethical photography made our collaboration even more exciting. Together, we aim to teach you how to capture better photos and tell meaningful stories without resorting to staged images. The success of our first tour was so overwhelming that we’ve already decided to host another Photography Workshop in Vietnam in 2024!

As I was sipping on my coffee and brainstorming with my buddies Alessandro here in Siem Reap and Etienne Bossot the other side of the phone in Hoi An, we came up with a brilliant idea to adjust his Classic North Vietnam Photography Tour.

Photography Tour in North Vietnam

After running his tour for over 7 years, we agreed and decided it was time to shake things up a bit. So, we extended the tour to include the breathtaking landscapes and ethnic villages of Central Vietnam. And voila! A brand new tour was born, combining the best of both regions to create an incredible photography adventure.

Our carefully curated itinerary guarantees jaw-dropping photo opportunities every single day. From visiting ethnic minority villages and markets to capturing the beauty of the rice harvest season, we’ve got you covered. And when we move to the Central Coast, you’ll fall in love with the charming fishing villages and get a chance to meet the local farmers.  This time, we’re taking you to his hometown of Hoi An, where we’ll explore the best fishing and farming villages in the area. Get ready for a whole new level of adventure!

Shipyard Central Vietnam

But wait, there’s more! By joining our tour, you’ll have not one, but two full-time professional photography teachers guiding you every step of the way. With Etienne and me by your side, you’ll be soaking up knowledge and honing your skills like never before. Trust me, you won’t find this kind of opportunity anywhere else! So, if you’re itching for an unforgettable photography adventure, hop on board with Asia Travel Photography and Pics of Asia. We promise you an experience that will leave you with a camera full of stunning shots and a heart full of incredible memories.

For all the juicy details about this tour, click on the link below. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

12-Day Vietnam Photography Workshop

And hey, who knows, maybe after our Vietnam escapade, we’ll be announcing a Cambodia tour too… Etienne and I just can’t get enough of each other’s company and the endless photo opportunities that await us in this mesmerizing country.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and until then, keep snapping those hilarious selfies!