Ah, the age-old dilemma of every photographer gearing up for a photo workshop in a far-off land – what to pack in the trusty camera bag? As I prepare for my upcoming adventure to Uzbekistan, the land of stunning architecture, vibrant bazaar, and amazing warm hospitality, I find myself facing this familiar conundrum once again. But fear not, dear reader, for I am here to regale you with the comedic saga of what goes into my camera bag before embarking on this photographic escapade.

Now, as a loyal Canon user, my arsenal of choice for this journey consists of not one, but two camera bodies – the Canon R6 and its trusty sidekick, the Canon R6ii. Why two, you may ask? Well, my friends, the answer is simple: to avoid the dreaded lens-swapping dance in the midst of the Uzbek desert. With ample pixels for uncropped perfection, lightning-fast autofocus, and stellar low-light performance, these cameras are my partners-in-crime for capturing the essence of this enchanting land.

But what good are camera bodies without a selection of lenses to match? Enter my four companions on this photographic odyssey.

First up, the 35mm Sigma f1.4, my go-to lens for people and street photography. There’s nothing quite like connecting with the locals through the lens of this beauty, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions with ease.

Street Photography in Registan

 35mm – 100 ISO – f/10 – 1/500s – Photo workshop of 2019 –

Next in line is the 24mm Sigma f1.4 which is just perfect for capturing those tight interior spaces when the 35mm lens just can’t quite step back far enough.

Making Bread

24mm – 1250 ISO – f/2 – 1/500s – Photo workshop of 2022 –

And let’s not forget the mighty Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, a powerhouse for capturing intricate details and playing with the art of compression. From sweeping landscapes to intimate portraits, this lens has got me covered for all the diverse shots I’ll encounter on my journey.

Registan early in the morning

165mm – 200 ISO – f/5 – 1/800s – Photo workshop of 2019 –

Rounding out the quartet is the versatile 16-35mm f/4 lens, a must-have for capturing the grandeur of Uzbekistan’s architectural wonders. From the intricate tile work of mosques to the sweeping vistas of ancient cities, this lens offers me the flexibility to frame my shots with precision and creativity.


Metro Tashkent

24mm – 320 ISO – f/5 – 1/4s – Photo workshop of 2023 –

Of course, no photo bag would be complete without the steadfast companion of every landscape photographer – the trusty Gitzo GT 1840 C tripod. Essential for those mesmerizing blue hour shots and dreamy long exposures, this humble piece of equipment is the unsung hero behind many of my favorite images.

Khiva during the blue hours

70mm – 100 ISO – f/8 – 1s – Photo workshop of 2022 –

As I eagerly anticipate sharing the secrets of Uzbekistan with my fellow workshop participants, I can’t help but feel a bubbling excitement for the adventures that lie ahead. From bustling bazaars to silent desert, from ornate palaces to humble village homes, my camera bag is poised and ready to capture it all in its pixelated glory.

So, dear reader, as I zip up my overstuffed Lowepro protactic 450 aw camera bag and prepare to set off on this grand photographic expedition, I invite you to join me in spirit on this journey of light, shadow, and endless creativity. Who knows what wonders we’ll uncover in the heart of Uzbekistan? One thing’s for certain – with my trusty gear in tow, the possibilities are as vast and boundless as the desert horizon.